Abduction 01

General / 22 March 2024

One of my first experiments with keyframe painting. Huge thanks for Dominic Jaro for his guidance. Learned a ton!


Shodeck + Procreate | Logan

Work In Progress / 19 December 2023

More paint practice.


Shotdeck + Procreate | Dune

Work In Progress / 17 December 2023

More paint practice. Trying to keep these quick and fun, and trying to keep stroke economy in mind.


Shotdeck + Procreate | True Grit

Work In Progress / 07 December 2023

A Shotdeck frame that I've painted in Procreate. Took me around six hours or so. I'm finding tablet art to be a fun way to sharpen my painting skills, and be creative in a manner that gets me away from my work desk.


Zach Owens

Q & A / 25 October 2021

I was recently approached on social media by Zachary Owens for feedback on his portfolio. I thought it might be useful to others to share my notes to him here, and it provides a good opportunity to start using my blog here on ArtStation.