Forever Suit

Forever Suit created for Marvel's Spider-Man 2, based on concept art by Bobby Hernandez and Ronaldo Mei. All production work done by Original Force. Design based on the prolific Bosslogic's Black Panther (2021) #5 cover.

My role was to collaborate directly with our concept art Lead, Bobby Hernandez, in translating the spirit of the comic cover to a complete design that felt grounded in our game's art direction. It was a real joy having the opportunity to trade ideas with him and his team. I also developed a comprehensive external development brief for the suit, covering a range of topics including general visual guidance, material definition breakdowns, detail map breakdowns, and other technical considerations related to modeling, animation and shaders. Finally, I handled engine integration and some minor polish.

The team at Original Force did a fantastic job on production for this suit, and I'm grateful to them.
It also has to be said that we took a ton of inspiration from the incredible work done by Ruth Carter for the Black Panther films. I have the utmost respect for all the groundbreaking things she's done. My sincere thanks to everyone involved in bringing this suit to market.
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Bobby Hernandez

Ronaldo Mei